Images Burned into Wood and Gourds

Hello -
I am Diane Frederick , a self-taught pyrographic artist or wood burner . I have been making professionally wood burned designs for over 35 years . I specialize in portraiture , both human, and animal . I have done primarily horses and dogs for animal portraits. I am ready to tackle any species though. I absolutely love to find the spirit residing within the individual, and bringing it to life on wood. I have recently done Giraffes, Lions, Elephants, and Zebras on gourd art. I have also done chimp portraits for fund raising at the sanctuary in Cle Elum WA. As my projects finish to completion , the spark of the spirit emerges , and things start looking more three dimensional even though they are on a two dimensional surface . I also enjoy using gem inlay with wood burning to create mandala designs on plaques , bowls , and boxes . My wildlife designs are burned upon these surfaces too. In 2007 I plunged into the world of gourds. I find them beautiful and unique , a new challenge for my pyrography skills . I have become a member of the Washington State Gourd Society, which has broadened my horizons , opened up a whole new world , and introduced me to a wonderful group of people. I also took part in an international project that you may be interested in exploring , at (live link below left)
I am a regular participant of the Equine Art Show at Emerald Downs and have done that show since 1982. I also participated in the horse mural mosaic project , Le Cadeau Du Cheval.
Step into the frederick's fine firegraphics studio and you can see firsthand what goes into glassblowing and creating glass art. From molten globs of glass come gorgeous bowls, unique decanters, and intricate light fixtures.

Brand new web page, I am building , will be more to see by October 2,2017.